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Hit the ground running, with the support of our team.

If you are ready to strike out on your own or form a new healthcare practice with other professionals, we can guide you through the process, handling the bulk of the initial details and helping you with pre-launch responsibilities.


The key to starting a successful practice is preparation, insight, goals, and timelines. We will start by meeting with you and listening to your expectations. Then we will describe what needs to be done and work closely with you to help you launch a successful practice.


From finding the perfect site, to hiring the right staff, from providing training services to credentialing – we are experts at all aspects of launching a healthcare practice.

We will get you started and back you up.

Our initial meetings with you will include someone from our accounting staff and a member of our practice management team. Once goals and expectations have been established, we can assist you in:

  • Locating a space and determining fair rent and fees

  • Designing your office space for patient comfort and professional appearance

  • Recommending electronic billing and health record systems

  • Act as liaison between software provider and billing staff

  • Finding an experienced office manager

  • Hiring and training staff

  • Providing surveys of comparable practice compensation in your area

  • Setting up benefit policies for you and your staff

  • Establishing best practice-based patient and work flow procedures


We will work with you as closely as you desire. As challenges arise, we are prepared to help.

Call us to find out how we can help you prepare for your future. (616) 235-4800

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